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ZigBee Expands its Applications in Korea With Repl

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RadioPulse Inc of Korea has developed the MG2450, a ZigBee communication LSI that the company claims is "the world's smallest at present." The LSI is exhibited at Wireless Japan 2007. 

The 5-mm square LSI chip integrates an RF transceiver circuit, baseband processing/MAC layer circuit, 8051 microcontroller, etc. In addition, the ADPCM audio codec and 96-KB flash memory for programs are embedded in the LSI. 

The product boasts a high reception sensitivity of -99 dBm and an extremely long line-of-sight transmission distance of 1 km. 

ZigBee prevails in Korea with successive launches of SIM card products and remote controllers

At the event, RadioPulse also displayed ZSIM Card, a ZigBee-enabled ultrathin SIM card measuring 15 x 25 x approx. 0.76 mm in compliance to the dimension standard of SIM card. 

Reportedly, the product will be sold under the brand of SK Telecom of Korea. MG2455, a bare chip measuring about 3 x 3 mm (package size: 7-mm square), which is the preceding model of the latest MG2450, is used as the communication IC. 

ZSIM Card is designed to be attached to a mobile phone and utilizes the antenna built in the phone. The transmission distance is 70 m in this case. 

ZigBee is widely used in Korea because the government has implemented the promotion support measures. And this protocol is applied to the applications where Bluetooth would be used instead in Japan, the United States and Europe. 

For example, an increasing number of remote controllers for home appliances such as TV employ ZigBee. 

"LG Electronics Inc. of Korea has developed the remote controller by using RadioPulse's LSI," reports M2M Japan Inc., a Japanese dealer of RadioPulse. 

Other exemplary applications include wireless mouse and USB dongle, automotive handsfree device, toy and small monitoring robot. Samsung of Korea has also employed ZigBee for some models of its mobile phone lineup.