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RadioPulse, RF4CE certified

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RadioPulse is certified with RF4CE(Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) by ZigBee Alliance on Oct, 2009. You can download specification of Rf4CE from ZigBee Alliance website( and the major features comparing with IR are as follows;
Today with IR
Today with RF
    Line of sight transmission
-Decades-old technology
-Short transmission distance
-Many consumers want devices hidden
    Field of vision limitations
-Remote needs to be pointed at IR receiver
    Line of sight transmission
-Control components behind walls or in cabinets
-Control over extended ranges
    Unidirectional unacknowledged transfers
-Unreliable communication
-Cannot send information to remote control or between components(DTV, set top box, etc,)
    Bi-directional capability
-Reliable communications
-Send program guides, playlists stock quotes, etc to remote/components
-Allows for communications between devices
-Over-the-air firmware updates possible
-Remote locator
    Technology Challenge
-Plasma DTV contains high frequency inverter that obstructs IR signals
-LCD back lighting saturates DTV IR receiver
    Faster more reliable communications
-Transmit commands until received
-Many times faster response than IR
-Enables enhanced user interfaces
-Touchpad or pointing capability
    Power consumption
-Multiple redundant transmission for each command
-Higher TX power required to avoid interference created by plasma/LCD screens
    802.15.4 RF consumes 25% of the power used by IR solutions
    Requires manufacturer-specific IR databases
-Each product has its own commands
-Require larger memory for storing lookup tables
    Allows for true interoperability between vendors products

Please find an RF4CE certification of RadioPulse in ‘Company/Quality Assurance’ of the website(